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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Took a trip to Sephora today...


So I took a trip to Sephora today. I was trying to just browse around buuut that obviously didn't happen. I ended up buying a new tube of my favorite mascara and then something new, Smashbox's Try It Kit for the halo and BB cream. Now I have no idea what the halo is (setting powder maybe?) but I have been wanting to try the BB cream for awhile now and seeing how this was only $29 and came with a sample primer (and I have grown to love their primer) I went ahead and snatched it up. 

I'm debating on if I want to go ahead and use this today or wait until work tomorrow as it's a little late in the day to be applying a full face of makeup (to me anyway).

But a review shall be up on it, and maybe on YouTube, by the end of the week pending I have no computer troubles (which may be the hardest part) and I find my camera charger....

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