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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

So My Wallet Hates Me: MAC Edition

So I got my school refund check (left over grant and scholarship money) and used it to go shopping for a few things. A new iPad, that I'm typing this on and loving, a pair of Beats (expensive @$$ headphones my brother has been asking for for three years), some stuff for my mom, some stuff for my step sister, and I'm doing some shopping for my step dad and step brother for Christmas as well. But I also used the money to help me finish (well for now) my makeup collection. So a big part of this was creating a neutrals palette of MAC shadows that work for darker skinned ladies. I bought the following:

~ Handwritten
~ Melon (Pigment)
~ Patina
~ Cranberry
~ Era
~ Mulch
~ Woodwinked
~ Amber Lights
~ Swiss Chocolate
~ Ricepaper
~ Satin Taupe
~ Expensive Pink 
~ Bronze

I also acquired the 239, 224, 217, 219, and 275 brushes, aka my first MAC brushes ever.

All and all I'm pretty excited to use this stuff. I don't think I'm going to be able to swatch everything all at once, so I think I may do two or three things at a time and see how it goes. I also pretty much bought everything but the Neon Pigments from Sugarpill and a few things from Sephora, but all that will get it's own post at some point this or next week.

Until then, have a blessed day! 

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